The best kept frugal vacation you need to try to be convinced

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We budget, we save, we work hard and we take minimal vacations. I’m right there with you. I don’t know many people that wouldn’t want to take more vacations, but just can’t find it in their budget. Cruises change everything when it comes to traveling to epic destinations on a small, frugal budget.

I just came back from a cruise to Mexico last week and my family and I had a blast! I paid about $300 per person for the entire 4 day trip, meaning it was less than $100 per person, per day. This may still sound like a lot to some of you, but did I mention it’s all-inclusive?

Before I tell you all of the amazing things about why a cruise is an awesome vacation option, I want to mention that I am NOT sponsored by any cruise line, this is simply my honest opinion based on my experience. 

My expense included lodging, food (24 hours a day!), turn down service, room service (!), entertainment for the kids, fun and entertaining shows and activities for the adults, access to a casino, access to a pool, large water park slides for the kids and the kids at heart (me!), a mini-golf course, a gym, should I keep going? What other vacation packages offer this much fun for that price? Not many.

Being frugal (more on how I started here) and always trying to stay on budget, I search for vacation deals, keeping in mind these 4 important travel must-haves: lodging, food, entertainment, and transportation costs. In the past, I thought lodging and transportation were my largest vacation expenses, but believe it or not, food is a HUGE factor when trying to keep your vacation within your budget.


This is one of the many reasons why cruises are such a great option for the frugal traveler. It’s all-inclusive (yes, I had to repeat this!). You book your room and you don’t have to think about ANYTHING else, except all the great memories you’re gonna make.

I get it, cruises, back in the day, used to be for the retired senior citizens. But they’ve really amp’d up their game and I’m telling you, you really can’t go wrong if you’re looking for an epic vacation on a teeny, tiny budget!

I love that they also have short weekend trips of 3-5 days or long trips of 2-3 weeks of travel, so it can accommodate anyone’s schedule and it makes for an easy quick or long getaway.

Why cruises are the best for budget travel and vacations

Cruises are for Kids and Families

It’s hard to travel with kids and keep the budget reasonably low. Many destinations take advantage of this and bump up the price of kid-friendly activities.

Cruises provide all the kid-friendly activities that your kids will love and even hook them up with a full activity schedule, fully equipped with prizes and small gifts throughout the cruise. And, its all included in the price!! Nothing extra to pay and the kids have a blast! On board yet (pun intended)?

Cruises offer a lot of ship activities for Singles

They’ve got karaoke bars, shows, an on-board casino, mingle activities, and so much more for singles to really enjoy time with their friends, family, or to meet other cruisers.

Cruises are great for foodies

I’m going to confess something to you right now. I’m a huge foodie! Like HUGE! I’m one of those people that look forward to eating and savoring all the yummy-ness. Let me tell you, their food is delish! They have so many options, even the picky eater will enjoy the variety. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll gain 5-7 pounds after your trip is over. But, it’s okay, you’ll enjoy every bite along the way!

They also have at least one night (depending on the duration of your cruise) where you get to dress all fancy for dinner, they put on entertainment while you eat, and the night feels so special. It really does make for some awesome memories.

Cruises save you SO much Money, they have so much to offer the budget traveler. Seriously, where else can you get all of this for just the price of your room?

Your transportation is also the destination

Once you get on the ship, your epic vacation starts. No long road trip where the kids are asking “Are we there yet?”, no traffic (in my case at least) that causes a 3 hour delay to get to your destination. Once you’re on the cruise, your vacation starts immediately. It’s unique that way.

Just to repeat all of the awesome perks you get, here is a list of SOME of the things you’ll enjoy:

-Lodging with turn down service

-24 hour meal options and even room service anytime at no extra charge

-Free shows and activities on the ship

-Access to a casino and bar

-Access to a pool, hot tubs, water-park slides, and mini golf course (depending on the ship)

-Awesome view until you reach your destination

-Free activities and prizes for kids

Seriously, I can go on and on, but I’m afraid this post will be 5 pages long. I can’t stress enough how awesome of a deal cruises are for the budget traveler. I’m super frugal, and this is by far, the best vacation package I’ve found that satisfies everyone in my family, adults and kids alike. My kids count the days until our next cruise and we usually go about twice a year. It’s incredible!

Peace and love my frugal friends,

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