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10 Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts Under $15

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Thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts are always challenging when you’re pressed for time. I used to be the biggest procrastinator when it came to buying my mom’s Mother’s Day gift and it always stressed me out.

mother's day gifts on a budget

It mainly stressed me out because I felt like I had to get mom a huge gift, to thank her for her contributions to my life. But, that’s not what Mother’s Day is about.

Mother’s Day is a time to make her feel good, to show her you love her. While I do believe you should be thankful, the size of the gift shouldn’t be the only way you reflect the amount of love you have for her.

Personally, my mom hates when I buy her gifts.

She has everything she wants and would rather I get her a card that has my writing in it.

In recent years, growing in my frugal journey, I’ve learned a lot about value. Value of time with loved ones.

The value of showing your gratitude with a hug and kiss. The value of doing something special for your family.

Value doesn’t come from something you buy. It comes from your heart and what you find important in your life.

This mindset is what helped me change my gift giving tendencies and start looking for thoughtful gifts that are within my budget.

And planning ahead helps me find better gifts at a much lower cost than if I waited until the last minute.

Just saying from experience.

Shopping a few weeks before Mother’s Day gives me a chance to think about her and what she really likes.

gifts for mom

It allows me to research and compare prices. I also get the chance to find her favorite colors and patterns.

Shopping early helps me strategically plan for the perfect gift for my mom. Something that screams “thank you”!

After all, this wonderful person constantly sacrifices for her children, and never stopped even when we grew into middle-aged adults, haha.

The 10 items that I list here are both thoughtful and affordable.

All of these items can be found under or just around $15, so you can gift your mom without breaking your budget.

Okay, enough of me yapping, let’s jump in. I can’t wait to share with you the items!

1- Phone Accessories

Anyone who has a phone will appreciate this. It’s a way to renew your phone without spending more than a few dollars.

Every time I get a new phone case, I feel like I got a new phone, without having to spend hundreds, or even a thousand, dollars.

My mom has been asking about a new phone case for the last couple of months. She really wants one that can close on the screen. The kind that looks like a wallet. So, I got her one this year!

Because I started shopping early, I was able to get her favorite color and it was delivered weeks before Mother’s day!

It felt amazing knowing I got her something she’ll love.

No more stressing over what to get. And no more ads influencing me to get something she didn’t need because it was on sale, haha.


Great accessory options can be a phone case, portable charger, earphones, backup battery.

While some of these items don’t scream fancy or extravagant, you know it will be useful. Us moms love something that’s useful and practical.

2- Small Kitchen Gadget or Tool

These are so helpful and can save your mom time in the kitchen. They’ll also save her money in the long run.

There are so many kitchen tools that would make time in the kitchen more enjoyable.

Here are some options:

Milk Frother

Hamilton Beach 40998 Electric Kettle 1L Silver""“>Tea Kettle

Emulsion Blender

3- DIY Spa Gift Basket

gift for mom who likes the spa

This is super easy to make and many of the items you need to fill the basket can be found at affordable places such as Dollar Tree and Big Lots.

Your mom can pamper herself in the comfort of her pajamas and it doesn’t have to cost a ton of money.

Add a few sheet face masks, face wash, an eye cream, face cream, makeup remover, facial oils, and some grooming tools.

4- Journal

journal for mom's gift

Your mom doesn’t have to be a writer to appreciate having a journal. A journal gives her a place to write down her thoughts, goals, and even emotions in the moment.

It’s always interesting to look back at the beginning of a journal and see how far you’ve come.  

I’ve found some nice journals at Ross for less than $10.00.

Here’s one from Amazon.

They’re pretty popular right now.

5- Purse Organizer

This is a great product. You can literally transport all of your things from one purse to another in less than 30 seconds.

I love how it has many compartments that allow you to find exactly what you’re looking for.

affordable gifts for mom on mother's day

This is an awesome gift for any mom. It will help them her stay organized, and have everything she needs to be able switch purses easily.

I’ve always had an issue with big handbags because I have to dig and dig to find my phone or my wallet and they never have enough separators.

This can be put straight into a large bag and you’ll still have all of your things organized.

6- Trunk Organizer

This is another time saver and helps your mom organize her car better.

affordable gift for mom on mother's day

I’ve talked about the essentials that you should have in your car in order to save money. This organizer takes that post a step further by organizing all of the items you need in your trunk so everything stays in place as you drive.

I can’t stand when I’m driving and everything in my trunk is rolling from one side to another. It’s noisy and I’m always stressed that something is going to break get crumbled.

This is also great for you to put your groceries because it has several compartments that allow you to separate your fragile items from your heavy items.

7- Money Journal and Envelope Organizer

It’s one thing to buy a gift that someone can use. It’s another thing to buy a gift that will help someone improve a part of their life. Managing money is not always easy and sometimes requires tools to help you take better control.

Having a money planner or journal along with envelope organizers will help your mom save money, organize her finances and be able to better track her spending.

8- Candle Set

affordable mother's day gift for mom

There isn’t much to explain for this one. All I can say is that people react and behave positively when they’re surrounded by good smelling aromas. You can relax and unwind a bit more with certain scents.

Find out what your mom’s favorite scent is and buy her a candle set. She’ll love it.

9- Aromatherapy Diffuser

These can be quite expensive. But, the positive effects they have on the body can make a difference in how someone sleeps, behaves, and feels. Find oils that help relax the body and mind.

You can find a really great deal at Big Lots for aromatherapy diffuser sets. They often come with 2 to 3 essential oils to get you started.

10-  Shower Speaker

Moms are busy. We all know that they are multi-taskers by necessity. So, this gift will speak to her. She’ll be able to listen to the radio or her favorite song, while being able to get a task checked off.

You can find some nice shower speakers at Big Lots for less than $15, but you may also find some great ones on Amazon.

Present for Mother’s Day

affordable budget friendly mother's day gifts for mom

The best part about Mother’s Day is showing your mom how much you appreciate her. There is no need to spend a ton of money to show her how much you love her.

Thoughtfulness does not equal expensive. You can give great gifts when you give yourself enough time to plan and research the best places to buy them.

What do you have planned for Mother’s Day?

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