5 Easy Ways to KonMari Your Finances & Spark Joy

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KonMari my finances? What is KonMari and what does it have to do with my money?

Psst! There’s a checklist at the end of this post to make things super easy!

Marie Kondo’s method of decluttering has grown so popular, that people have started going through all of their things to see if they spark joy.

If you don’t know who Marie Kondo is, she is this adorable, petite woman who came up with a brilliant method to decluttering your space and your belongings.

The method allows you to assess all of your things and determine the important from the unimportant.

I’m so inspired by her way of decluttering, that I wanted to apply the same methods and mindset to my money.

Our money should be working in a way to “spark joy” in our lives, as her popular phrase goes.

If our money is not currently sparking joy for us, how do we declutter our finances? How do we gain a renewed sense of outlook on how we manage our money?

So, let’s declutter our finances. Let’s run with the “less is more” mindset and have less headache and more joy when we think of our money.

1- KonMari Your Finances- Declutter Your Budget

konmari your budget, organize your finances

Your budget is your game plan, and the tighter you have your plan (spending categories), the better equipped you are for the game (your life).

If you currently don’t have a budget that is working well, grab the Free Budget Cheat Sheet!

Start by assessing your budget categories.

Do you need all of the categories you currently have?

Is each category serving a purpose? Is there a way to combine categories and simplify?

The easiest way to determine how you’re currently using your categories is to check your bank statement for the last quarter.

Then, you can start consolidating your spending budget based on how often you’re actually using those categories.

2- KonMari Your Finances- Declutter Your Spending

money mindset

It’s a good idea to regularly check in with your spending. As busy adults and parents, we often overlook the gradual incline of our spending habits and before we know it, we’re going over budget.

Review your bank and credit card statements and highlight all of the expenses that were unnecessary in the month. Add those expenses up.

Then, declutter those expenses from your daily spending habits.

I realize this takes more than just saying it. This will likely take a couple of weeks of adjustment to break those habits. But, with practice and commitment, you’ll successfully declutter those frivolous expenses from your day to day spending.

3- KonMari Your Finances- Declutter Your Bills

frugal living

Notcho dolla bills ya’ll! Your debt bills, haha.

How many of us have three or more credit cards that have balances on them?

Instead of making three separate payments each month, see if you can consolidate the into one card.

If you have decent credit, ask your credit card company if they have a promotion on 0% APR for 12-18 months.

If they do and you qualify, transfer all (or most of your balances on that card). This will give you a bit of relief on interest payments as well.

Decluttering your payments AND temporary relief of interest!

It’s important to note that you should try to pay off your balance on these promotional card BEFORE the interest rate promotion expires.

Otherwise, you’ll have to pay back compound interest from the beginning of the promotion on your ORIGINAL balance transfers.

4- KonMari Your Finances- Declutter Your Kitchen

You’re probably thinking “Gina, how does your kitchen have anything to do with your finances”, hold on, my friend.

Your kitchen has a LOT to do with your finances.

organized kitchen saves money

If your kitchen is organized and you know where everything is, you likely know what you currently have on hand.

This means that you won’t be shopping for duplicates of items you don’t need and waste unnecessary money on your grocery budget.

So, decluttering your fridge, freezer, and pantry will help you assess what you have and what you need, making your grocery shopping much more efficient.

When you grocery shopping is efficient, there is less waste on food you already have, which means, you save money!

5- KonMari Your Finances- Declutter Your Financial Goals

We often have so many things on our list of goals that it can be overwhelming. When will we ever get to see ALL of these goals come to fruition?

It seems hopeless and we feel lost.

So, declutter your money and finance goals.

Don’t have more than 2 or 3 goals in any given month.

I’m not saying to eliminate all of your goals. What I am saying is to separate them between monthly goals, short term goals and long term goals.

And keep you goal categories (month, short term, long term, etc.) separate.

Allow yourself to work on the monthly goals in your day to day.

Check in with your short term goals once per quarter.

Lastly, check in with your long term goals once per year.

digital budget binder

There’s a goal sheet in the budget binder that can help you.

When you declutter your goal plan, you give yourself enough head space to focus on the current goals.

This will help you knock out your goals faster!

The art of decluttering is all about reassessing a part of your life and seeing where things could be minimized.

Having the minimal mindset will free up your time and headspace, giving you the capability to focus better on the important things.

Marie Kondo is a genius!

She adopted a minimalist mindset to cleaning and tidying in the home. People on the show cried with happiness in how they found themselves again. They had more time, less stress, and more energy.

If this can be accomplished with just cleaning your home, imagine what could be accomplished with cleaning your finances, so to speak.

You’ll have more time to notice the little things, like creeping expenses that need to be eliminated from your budget.

Your finances will be simplified, so you’ll have less stress and worry.

Want this checklist? Get it here!

You’ll feel in control.

This is one of the most important things to being successful with your financial goals. When you are in control of your money, you’re in essence, in control of your life.

You’ll be calm, steady, and the leader of your ship, my friend.

But, make sure to maintain your decluttered status.

Having systems in place to help you keep everything in order will help you stay simplified and in control.

Some of those systems can be checking in with your budget, reviewing your expenses, touching base with your investments, etc. For your finances, you may have other systems that would apply.

How are you going to KonMari your finances?

Can’t wait to hear about it in the comments!

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  1. This was a fascinating application of Marie Kondo’s principles and I especially like the last point of decluttering your goals. When you’re starting out in the world of personal finance, or any other project for that matter, it gets overwhelming because there are so many things to do and decide upon as well as strategize upon . It really is a good idea to focus on a couple of aspects and excel in that before moving on to another one.

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