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Top 20 High Quality, Affordable Drugstore Makeup

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Finding good quality affordable drugstore makeup has become easier in recent years. There are many budget friendly makeup products that work well and last all day.

Good quality makeup can be affordable. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to build a good collection of makeup supplies and products that help you look polished and feel your best. 

When I was a teenager, my mom told me something that stuck with me. She advised that I always buy high quality skincare and makeup so that I put only the best ingredients on my face. 

Dollar Tree makeup

With that being said, her idea of high quality makeup was at the higher price point. And as I got older, I realized that many of the makeup counter, high end brands didn’t always have the best ingredients nor did they make my skin feel it’s best. 

In fact, after doing a lot of research (DIY beauty is my hobby), I discovered that there were a lot of drugstore makeup options that were good quality, for a fraction of the price of higher end makeup brands. 

I also found an interesting fact. Some of the drugstore makeup brands were owned by the higher end brands. For example, L’Oreal owns Lancome, and you find that many of the great formulas you find in Lancome products can be found in L’Oreal products at a much more affordable price.  

You can read more about the other high end brands that are owned by drugstore brands here

So, this discovery begs the question, if drugstore brands have pretty much the same formulas as their high end counterparts, why are we spending the extra money?

There’s really no need to. 

You can get great quality makeup from the drugstore and pay a more affordable price. 

And, spoiler alert, drugstore makeup can be just as amazing (and sometimes better) than high end products. 

So, I’m sharing my absolute favorite, tried-and-true drugstore makeup products that are affordable and great quality. 

Here are my top 20 affordable makeup products:

Favorite Drugstore Face/Skin Products

The bulk of my favorite makeup products happen to land in the face/skin category. I was always taught to take care of my skin so that it stays radiant and healthy. 

1-Olay water based moisturizer

I’ve been using this product for more than 14 years and I love the way it makes my skin feel. I have combination skin, so it’s a challenge to find a moisturizer that hydrates my skin without making it oily throughout the day. But, this moisturizer keeps my skin hydrated and glowing while keeping my makeup on all day. It also has SPF built in for added protection and it’s made for sensitive skin. 

You can get it from the drugstore or from Costco. I personally buy it from Costco because they have the best deal. I get two bottles for around 11 dollars and they last me for a long while. 

2-Baby skin maybelline

This is a great primer that acts as a face smoother before foundation. I love the way it makes my skin feel and a little goes a long way. 

3-Rimmel Stay Matte Powder

Personally, I like my face makeup to be matte, dewy skin makes me look like I’m sweating, haha. It’s just too shiny for my liking. So, I’ve always used a matte face powder to set my foundation. 

In the past, I used to use Lancome, but at 38 dollars for one compact, it was not worth the money. 

I found that this powder does the job well and for a fraction of the cost of Lancome, a small fraction. 

I usually find my shade at Big Lots for about 4 dollars. If you haven’t shopped at Big Lots recently, you’d be pleasantly surprised by how many amazing deals you can find. 

You can read this post all on the best buys from Big Lots. 

4-E.l.f. High definition powder

This makeup brand is quickly becoming one of my favorites of all time. They have so many amazing makeup products and they are super affordable. 

This loose powder is perfect for setting your under eye concealer and it brightens as well. 

I buy it from Walmart, they have a great selection of e.l.f. products and the entire makeup line ranges from $2-$10. 

5-Milani make it last setting spray 

I’m not big on setting sprays, but this works really well. I use it to set my makeup for when I need my makeup to last through dancing, like when I go to weddings and parties. 

If you’ve tried other setting sprays, you know that they can smell pretty strong and some really smell awful. This is the only setting spray that smells good and works well. 

I love that it’s budget friendly at about 10 dollars per bottle. I usually get mine from Target if I’m lucky to find it (sometimes it’s hard to find because it’s popular). 

6-Maybelline dream pure bb cream

This is comparable to the It Cosmetics CC cream and is so much more affordable. 

I personally love the It Cosmetics line, but it can be expensive for very small quantities. Maybelline’s version is budget friendly and has great coverage. 

7-E.l.f. Flawless finish foundation

This is a lightweight foundation, but has amazing full coverage. And the price is affordable at $6 per bottle. 

8-Rimmel Maxi Bronzer 

This was an impulse purchase I got from Big Lots because I found it for $3 and wanted to try it. 

I love the shade and it’s creamy and great quality. 

9-Maybelline Fit Me concealer

I use this mostly as a base for my eyelids so that my eyeshadow stays in place. Whether you use it as an under eye concealer or as an eyeshadow base, this product lasts all day and doesn’t move if it’s set properly. 

It’s about 8 dollars and a little bit goes a long way, making it a great budget friendly product. 

Top Drugstore Eyeshadows

affordable eyeshadow

10-L’Oreal Infallible 24 hr Eye Shadow pot- Fave Amber Rush

There’s a great color selection in this line and the shimmers stay in place without going all over your face. 

For an affordable eyeshadow pot, it’s great quality and beats some of the higher end brands that still have fall out issues. This stays in place and lasts a long time. 

If you’re looking to add some great eyeshadows to your affordable drugstore makeup stash, this one won’t dissapoint.

11-Milani Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow pot

These eyeshadow pots are creamy and powdery at the same time, making it easy to apply and last all day. 

They are perfect for on the go and their color selection is great. 

My favorite colors are Bella Taupe, Bella Espresso, and Bella Bronze (I love brown shades, haha). 

12-Wet N Wild Coloricon Eyeshadow pot in Creme Brulee

This is one of my absolute favorite eyeshadows to set my eyelids after putting on the concealer. 

The color instantly brightens my eyelids and stays on all day. At less than 2 dollars, these mini eyeshadow pots are awesome. 

Best affordable and high quality makeup product, in my opinion. Can’t recommend them enough!

Best Drugstore Blushes

13-Milani baked powder blush- luminoso

I love how this adds a dewy glow without a crazy amount of shimmer. It’s got a subtle shine to it and is a perfect blush for spring and summer. 

14-Milani powder blush- blossomtime rose

This is a perfect matte blush and comes in the most beautiful packaging. The actual product is shaped like a rose and it glides on your face like a dream. 

It’s one of my favorite blushes and the color has a subtle hint of peachy-rosy pink. 

15-Wet N Wild Coloricon blush in apri-cot in the middle

This a great shimmery blush, but the shimmer doesn’t go all over your face and stays put. 

They’ve got a lot of great colors, but I love this peachy color the most. 

Top Drugstore Mascaras

16-L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara in blackest black

My all-time favorite mascara that I’ve been using for about 8 years now. It keeps your lashes separated and voluminous (as the name suggests) and is lightweight. 

Best Drugstore Brow Products 

17-Maybelline Brow Precise Fiber Volumizer gel

This is the perfect product to keep your brows in place and was less than 5 dollars. 

It’s budget friendly, easy to apply, and helps give your brows the appearance that they are thicker. 

It’s a great affordable drugstore makeup find.

18-E.l.f. Instant Lift Brow Pencil

I’m surprised by how much I like this product. I’ve used NYX brow pomade and the anastasia pencils (several versions), but none were as creamy as the e.l.f. brow pencil. 

If  you set it with the volumizer gel that I mentioned above, it will last all day with no problem. 

I haven’t tried it on it’s own so I’m not sure it has a long-lasting ability without additional products, but for $2 it’s worth it. 

Favorite Drugstore Lip Products

19-Wet N Wild Lipstick

These last a long time, are light weight, and don’t dry out your lips. They are super budget friendly at 2 dollars each. Their color selection is decent and they’re creamy and have great coverage. 

20-L’Oreal Colour Riche lipstick- favorite is toasted almond

My absolute favorite lipstick brand and color! This is a creamy lipstick that smells so good and is super affordable at less than 8 dollars at the drugstore. 

It’s not long lasting in my opinion, but it keeps your lips hydrated, the color selection is outstanding and the price point is awesome. 

What’s your favorite drugstore product that you can’t live without?

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