gift ideas for dad under $20 for 2019

7 Father’s Day Gifts under $20 Dads will Love in 2020

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Getting the perfect Father’s day gift for under $20 can be quite a challenge.

With Father’s day quickly approaching, it’s time to find the perfect gift idea to make him feel special, without breaking the budget.

And since I’m a frugal budgeter, you know I’m gonna keep the Father’s day gifts affordable and fabulous!

I’ve always had trouble shopping for Father’s day gifts. I don’t know about you, but the dads in my life are hard to shop for and Father’s day just adds more pressure to buy that perfect gift.

One thing I can count on is the dads in my life love practicality. They value the usefulness of an item rather than the price.

So, I started researching early and found awesome Father’s day gift ideas for your dad….and of course I made sure these gifts were $20 or under.

I gotchu, you’re welcome!

gift ideas for dads on father's day

Here are 7 Father’s day gift ideas under $20 that dads will love

1- Shower Radio

A few years ago, the girls and I bought a shower radio for my husband for Father’s day.

It was one of the rare times I saw him surprised with a gift and excited to start using it.

He’s been using it ever since and loves that he’s able to listen to his favorite tunes while he’s getting ready in the morning.

2- Personalized License Plate Frame

This idea was one I used for my brother when he bought his truck years ago. He used to call his truck Fat Albert, like the cartoon.

So, I got him a license plate frame that said “Hey, hey, hey it’s Fat Albert”.

gift ideas for dad on father's day

It’s a heartfelt gesture when you buy something for someone that shows you’re listening and taking notes of things they share.

It was totally unique to him and he loved it. Personalizing something like a license plate frame will transform the gift into something your dad will find special.

3- Travel Cubes for the Traveling Dad

When the travel ban is lifted, so many people will be traveling, either for work or for a change in scenery.

Does your dad like to travel? For anyone that enjoys traveling, you know that the worst part of traveling (at least for me) is packing and unpacking. Specifically, trying to find something you packed in an entire suitcase full of things.

gift ideas for dad on father's day

Especially, when you’re in a rush….calling all travelers on this one!

Travel cubes are a perfect Father’s day gift . The cubes provide a way to compartmentalize your things so everything stays organized. It makes it easy for dad to find whatever he needs.

It also makes it easy to pack and unpack.

Dads can squeeze more in the suitcase now. Wait….I think that last tip might be better suited for us moms if I’m being honest.

So many things to bring for every single just-in-case scenario, right moms?

And, I usually pack my husband’s luggage when we travel, so these packing cubes will help us moms as well as the dads if you think about it.

4- Travel Mug for Dads on the Go, or any Dad for that matter

Dads like coffee, right?

They also tend to go to work or somewhere outside of the house, right?

A travel mug might be the perfect gift for them if they need their fuel juice and don’t have enough time to sit and drink it in a mug while reading the newspaper.

traveling dad gift ideas

Traveling mugs are great, even when dad works from home. It helps minimize spills and keeps the coffee nice and warm for hours.

And, of course, they’re great for commuting too.

You can find great quality mugs at Big Lots, Ross, and even Walmart nowadays and they’re usually much less than $20.

You can find a vast selection on Amazon as well.

5- Comedy Show Tickets for Dad

Comedy show tickets offer up a really fun experience. I mean, think about it, you’re going somewhere to laugh your tail off. That spells a good time to me!

To keep costs low, look for local venues that have decent comedians. One common venue that is rated well without being super expensive is the Laugh Factory.

The closest location to me is the branch in Hollywood, CA. and they’re currently selling tickets (as of the writing of this post) for Tim Allen ranging from $20-$30.

I would say that is a steal!

But, I’m also a Tim Allen fan…so….

Comedy tickets offer a feel-good experience for the recipient, in this case, your dad. It’s a gift that offers a couple hours of laughter and a lifetime of smiles as he remembers jokes while he goes back to his day-to-day tasks.

comedy tickets for dad on father's day gift 2019 list

It’s a gift that will be memorable for years afterward.

I’ve actually decided to buy comedy tickets for my husband’s father’s day gift this year. We could ALL use a good chuckle every now and again, you know?

6- Car Wash Gift Certificate

Raise your hand if you don’t like a clean car!

Well, I don’t see any hands raised, so the verdict is in that if your dad has a car, he’ll probably prefer it to be clean and shiny.

It’s a simple gesture that many of us overlook. But, getting a gift certificate good for a wash or two can go a long way. Everyone feels better driving a clean car.

We often overlook the simple gifts that can put a smile on dad’s face and always struggle to find that perfect, epic gift to make a grand gesture.

Believe it or not, the simple, subtle gestures mean more than a lot of Instagram or Facebook-worthy gifts.

Washing your dad’s car is a practical gift that will be appreciated and welcomed.

7- Digital Key Finder

How many times have you heard the joke about the dad trying to find his glasses when they’re sitting right on top of his head?

Too many times, right?

Well, his keys mysteriously disappear in the same way!

Now, he’ll never have the excuse that he’s running late because he can’t find his keys.

This little gadget is pretty cool, it tracks your keys so that you can’t ever misplace them again.

It’s a great gift for someone who has a million things on their mind or someone who often put their keys in a different place every time.

Celebrating the dad in your life

father's day gift ideas 2019 for dad

Having a dad in your life, biological or otherwise, is a wonderful blessing. When it’s time to show them our care and love, we tend to gravitate toward lavish, expensive gifts.

But, if you’re a saver and budgeter like me, you’re likely looking for a balance. Because, let’s face it, the material piece of the gift is not what’s important anyway.

With these Father’s day gift ideas, you’ll have the perfect gift for dad without going over budget.

It’s the thought, the care, and the time devoted to finding something special for your dad that really matters, not the price tag.

What do you plan on buying for the father in your life?

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