DIY Fall Decor You’ll Want in Your House

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I love changing up my decor with the seasons. In California, we only really have 2 seasons, warm Spring/Summer weather and what we call Fall/Winter-which still happens to have our October in 80 degree weather.

At least I can decorate my home to make it really feel like fall, since the weather isn’t helping. Home decor can be pricey, so I asked my friend Melody over at Herdesignedlife to share some of her DIY Fall decor, and let me tell you, she delivered.

Melody Johnson is a Certified Financial Educator by the National Financial Educator’s Council. On her blog, Herdesignedlife, she focuses on content to help women and men save money and maximize on their financial goals. She is also a financial coach and career mentor.

Let’s get started!

Goodbye flip flops, flowing dresses, and sunglasses; and, hello Pumpkin Spice Lattes, sweaters, and boots. Fall is one of those seasons where I can start to indulge in curling up with a great book on a rainy day and drink some hot cocoa or tea.


I often find that because I live in the Midwest, Fall is the most important time to spruce things up on the décor of my house. The reason behind this is because Michigan’s winter season is long and brutal. So I attempt to create a space in my home that is warm, inviting, and hopefully for the most part clean; although that last one is a constant struggle!

DIY saves money

Before I paid off my $65k student loan balance (you can see my original post here), I needed to keep my cost of living low so I could place as much money towards my debt as possible.

One of the things I enjoyed was using my creativity to create interesting pieces in my house by using inexpensive materials that I purchased from craft stores or from the Dollar Tree.

Now that I have paid off my loans, I’ve decided to keep up that trend and make beautiful DIY projects for myself and my family to enjoy in my home and where I work.

Here are just a few examples of Frugal Fall Décor that will keep your budget on track and keep your mind sane!

Frugal Felt Pumpkins


  •      1 square Crème felt (I purchased mine from Joanne’s Fabrics)
  •      1 square of Orange felt
  •      1 square green colored felt
  •      1 square red colored felt
  •      Twine
  •      Scissors
  •      Sharpie
  •      Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  •      1-2 sheets of old newspaper OR 3 individual mismatched clean socks
  •      Rustoleum’s Shiny Metallic Spray in Gold (optional)
  •      Gold Sequins (optional)
  •      1 metal tin filled with ¼ bag of crinkle cut paper (optional)
  1.     Fold the felt in quarters and using an optional sharpie (or by eye) to cut a quarter of the excess felt square off.
  2.     Place the rolled-up sock or wadded newspaper on the piece of colored felt (example in orange) and wrap the felt around so that it completely covers up the interior. PS, I used both the sock and the newspaper for the interior. They both worked.   
  3. You should have a wadded ball of felt covered sock or newspaper at this point.
  4. The middle of the felt pumpkin should have some excess felt. Place the pumpkin “upside down” so that the excess felt is touching the desk or table.
  5.     Now cut a piece of twine (depends on the size of your pumpkin) and wrap it diagonally and tightly around the pumpkin. You ideally want the felt to bulge around the twine. Tie a knot tightly and cut any excess twine string away from the knot.
  6.     Continue wrapping and tying the twine around the pumpkin so that sections of the pumpkin begin to bulge around the twine. Cut off excess pieces of twine.
  7.     Cut about a ½ inch length by a ½ inch width of green felt for the stem.
  8.     Use the glue gun to place a line of glue on the “stem” and roll the stem so that they slightly overlap but creates a spiral type effect.
  9.     Place a dime sized amount of glue on the pumpkin center
  10.     Place the stem onto the newly placed glue on the pumpkin.
  11.  Using a sharpie, outline two leaves on the green felt.
  12.  Cut out the two leaves.

I used this banner with gold pushpins in my cubicle at work, but you could adjust the design by using a piece of ribbon or twine to glue to the back of the triangles and then use tape or 3m sticky tape to mount it to the wall.I created this banner to help me refocus my thoughts during the day to trust the process and trust in my faith.

Twine Burlap Banner

  •      About ½ – 1 yard of burlap [depending on the word(s) you chose]  
  •      Large Twine
  •      Sharpie
  •      Gray acrylic paint and small paintbrush
  •      Glue Gun
  •      Scissors
  •      Gold pushpins (optional)
1. Lightly touch about 3 feet of twine with gray paint with paintbrush and allow twine to dry about 20 minutes
2.  Outline triangles with sharpie on burlap.   
3. Cut out the triangles.Cut painted twine and practice shaping the letter.
4. Using the glue gun, guide the glue into a line in the shape the letter. (This glue will be permanent, make sure to practice the letter shape before using the glue!)
5. Place the twine in the desired shape onto the fresh glue.
6. Repeat with all letters. 
(Optional) use pushpins to secure to cubicle or ribbon glue onto the top flat edge of the banners to connect.
Golden Flower Vase & Centerpiece

(Optional) Create diagonal lines using the glue gun to create the leaf veins and spray the gold spray over the leaves before gluing them onto the pumpkin. You can also add gold sequins, glitter, or any other type of embellishment to add sparkle!

Place a penny sized amount of glue on the back of the leaves onto the pumpkin near the stem and repeat process for the second leaf.
  •      White artificial carnation bunch
  •      Rustoleum Shiny Metallic Finish in Gold
  •      1.5 ft golden ribbon
  •      1 glass vase (from the Dollar Tree)
  •      1 circular mirror (from the Dollar Tree)
  •      1 wooden circle ( from Joanne’s fabrics)
  •      Glue gun

  1.     Spray the gold spray lightly over the edges of the petals of the flower bunch.
  2.     Place the flower bunch into the vase.
  3.     In a well-ventilated area and on newspapers spray the wooden circle until completely  covered. Allow to dry (30 – 45 minutes)
  4.     Once the circle is dry, use the glue gun to glue the mirror onto the wooden circle.
  5.     Make sure the circle is completely dry and set it as your centerpiece!

What is your favorite part of fall?


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