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7 Easy Ways to Declutter Your Closet

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Decluttering your closet and your home has been a widespread trend in the last few weeks.

By now, most of us have either seen Marie Kondo in action or heard about her “spark of joy” principle when it comes to decluttering our homes.

But, it’s a lot easier said than done and when we actually get into the nitty gritty of decluttering our homes. Even still, it somehow becomes exponentially harder when we get ready to declutter our closets.

declutter your closet

Our clothes symbolize a lot more than just a general covering we wear to be decent in public. They resemble our character, tell a story about our personality, make us feel good or bad about ourselves.

Our closet is a small room filled with  items full of dreams, goals, and of course memories. It’s no wonder that organizing our closet feels like an incredibly cumbersome task.

I for one, have a “crop top” black jacket that I’ve had in my closet for more than 20 years!! And yes, I still wear it (don’t judge, hah).

But, I also have my wedding dress buried in my closet. It will never be worn again (since I’m sure my girls will want to pick their own dress) and it will likely sit in my closet until the day I die.

declutter your closet
Sounds awful, right?

I’ve always had the vision of putting my dress in a shatterbox and displaying it in my bedroom so that I can see it everyday like an art piece. But that would be a really heavy shatterbox and it probably will take up too much space.

Nonetheless, my nostalgia will not allow me to give it away.

And, I’m okay with that.

But, I’m a firm believer that decluttering your closet should be a way of life. It should be something you do on a consistent basis. Otherwise, every time you go shopping, you’ll just be adding more clutter. Then, you’re back in square one.

When I shop for clothes, I try to visualize what I need and where it will fit in my closet. I tend to get rid of items in my closet before I go shopping. This helps me keep the clutter in control.

So, as we dive into the 7 ways to declutter your closet, keep in mind that there is absolutely no pressure for you to have to give away things your heart wants to keep.

After all, your closet should be a reflection of you.

declutter your closet
So, let’s get started shall we?

7 Ways to Declutter Your Closet that will Save you Time and Money

1- Get rid of items you haven’t worn in a year.

Chances are, if you have items from last winter that you aren’t wearing this winter, it’s time to get rid of them. There is a reason you are no longer gravitating toward that shirt or outfit, and you’ve made a mental effort not to wear it.

So, now, it’s just taking up space. It’s time to get rid of it.

A way to do this easily is to flip all your hangers in your closet the opposite way where the beginning of the hook is facing the outside. As you wear the clothes, reverse the hanger back to the other side. At the end of the season, you’ll visually see the clothes that were never worn that season.

Easy peasy.

I can’t take credit for that idea, but I think it’s a brilliant one and one that I used in my own closet.

It’s crazy how you convince yourself that you’re going to wear certain items because you don’t want to throw them out. You end up keeping them just because you don’t want to let go, but you find yourself pulling other items instead.

That’s easy clutter to get rid of. And your closet with have room to breathe.

2- If it collects dust, it should be trash (or someone else’s treasure)

How many times do you see old articles of clothing in your closet that have been sitting there for years, literally collecting dust?

Just a week ago, my husband and I did this exercise in his closet (which hasn’t been decluttered in years). He went through the closet, and in 5 minutes we had two trash bags full of clothing he never wore that were just collecting dust and wasting hangers and space.

Five. Literal. Minutes…..Really!

The two bags are still waiting to be dropped off at the Salvation army, but that’s another story.

Okay, okay….I’ll take them this weekend.

Decluttering is a full complete circle, folks, and taking the clothes outside of the house is a huge step in the process.

So, this is my promise to finish the circle, haha.

3- Declutter loose or tight clothing

Are you someone who keeps a variation of sizes of clothing just in case? Ha! I am the same way.

I have a bag full of clothes in my closet (spilling the beans here) that I hope to one day” fit into. It was a size I wore almost 4 years ago. And although I’m actively losing weight right now, I have a feeling I’ll want to get a new wardrobe when I’m done.

The same goes for loose fitting clothing. You don’t want to have something that cushions the blow of gaining weight, do you? Isn’t it better to get back to eating better and fitting better in your current favorite clothes?

I think so.

declutter your closet

So….declutter the items in your closet that don’t fit well. You’ll find tons more space for buying new exciting pieces of clothing that you’ll actually want to wear.

4- Holes and Snags are Outta Here!

Look, I’m gonna tell it to ya straight….the chances of you sewing on a button on a 3 year old shirt is unlikely.

I speak from experience.

If you’re not up to sewing the button or the snag right away, then chances are it will never get done. Or it will get done eventually when the style and trend of that piece is long gone.

So, if you’re hesitant to sew it back together, then that’s a sign to just get rid of it….you probably didn’t like that much anyway, haha.

5- Purses that are outdated or worn out

I have a confession, I am a purse-aholic….and a Shoe-aholic (but we’ll get it to that in a minute).

declutter your purse

I have purses that I’ve kept from over a decade ago and I can be totally honest with you here and tell you I have no plans of ever using them again.

Am I going to get rid of them?

Yeah….I plan on doing that this weekend.

In all honesty, I should have decluttered my purses years ago, but, better late than never.

A purse, in my opinion, serves a purpose, and if you switch it out for a new purse, then why are you still holding on to it? It clearly no longer has a function in your life, so it shouldn’t take up valuable real estate in your closet.

The one exception to this is if you switch out your purses on a regular basis and cycle them out. My mother in law does this to have purses that compliment her outfit. It’s cute and it works. But, I’ve never been this person.

I just can’t find the time and patience to constantly switch out my purse based on my outfit.

The only time I do this is if I am going to a formal event, then I bring out one of my fancy purses. We tend to have a lot of formal events, so my fancy purses are staying, my friend!

6- Declutter Old Shoes

My mom has shoes in her closet that are older than me…and I’m also 38!

This to me, is such a problem, and I found myself inheriting this trait until I made a change a few years ago.

I realized that the really old shoes never got worn, and I needed to desperately declutter that part of my closet.

And because I can’t get enough shoes, I’m constantly buying new ones (the one part of me that goes against my frugality, haha).

One day, I realized that my new shoes were on the floor while my old unworn shoes were taking up great space in my shoe rack.

Why do we do this?

Since then, I started decluttering my shoe rack once a year. If I buy a shoe, it must have a space on the shoe rack. Otherwise, I have to get rid of a shoe.

No more shoes on the floor looking all messy and making my closet look cluttered.

7- Declutter Your Ties

declutter dress ties

Do men still wear ties?

I ask this as I’m laughing because I actually love the look of a man with a dress tie. But, realistically, my husband wears a tie maybe 5 times a year. So, why does he need 20 ties?

And who is buying him said ties?

Yours truly.

Why? I have no idea.

He has ties in practically every color and print, and he always gravitates toward 3 ties.


I am planning on taking my own advice here and getting rid of the rest of the ties and freeing up some of his closet space.

He will be happy.

And I will satisfy my Konmari inner voice, “it no longer sparks joy….I thank you!”.

When you declutter your closet will not only free up physical space in your closet. It will also free up mental space for you to stop thinking about what to wear.

You’ll finally be able to see what you have and choose your outfits faster.

You’ll be able to stop buying duplicate pieces because you’ll know what you have on hand. In the long run, you’ll be saving a lot of money, which I’m all about.

And you’ll have a closet full of clothes and shoes that you actually enjoy wearing,

It always feels good when a part of your life, like your wardrobe, is completely decluttered, organized, and ready to help you tackle your day.

When you regularly declutter your closet, you’ll end up saving so much time and money. It also brings back a sense of peace and *joy* (pun intended).

What part of your closet are you going to tackle first?

Can’t wait to hear all about how you decluttered your closet!

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