5 Budget Friendly Ways to have Halloween Fun in 2020

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Halloween can be fun and budget friendly at the same time. Having a budget friendly Halloween will help you save money for the upcoming holidays while giving your kids a memorable time.

Because Halloween is the start of all the great festivities I look forward to during the Fall and Winter, it’s important that I keep it as budget friendly as possible.


In recent years, we’ve looked at more creative ways to celebrate Halloween without breaking the budget.

Here are 5 ways to have a budget friendly Halloween

1- Rotate costumes

budget Halloween fun

After years of purchasing two costumes per year (I have 2 girls at home), we’ve collected quite a bit of costumes.

And while it would be a total faux paux, according to my girls to rock the same outfit twice in a row, they were perfectly okay with rotating their costumes. 

Each girl had about 3-5 costumes to choose from and they could always mix and match and create entirely new characters with some creativity. 

It’s a great way for them to make the most out of their costumes without having to spend additional money. It was a great budget friendly way to have new-to-them costumes without spending any money.

2- Costume swap with friends

It’s a great way for several families to save money while the kids have fun trying on “new” costumes. Each kid brings a few of their costumes and they have a swap with other kids their age and size.

My friend and I did this one year with our kids, who are in the same grade and it worked out well. Each child got to wear a “new to them” costume and we didn’t have to spend any money getting them a new costume or stand in those ridiculously long lines. 


3- DIY Costumes

With Youtube, Instagram and Pinterest inspiration (and instructions) you can create an awesome Halloween costume for your kids on a budget. 

budget Halloween fun

In fact, last year, one of my blogging friends shared with us a great list of 20 DIY halloween costumes that were super cute and totally on a budget. 

You don’t have to be a totally crafty person to create a creative costume. You just need simple materials and the intention to have fun with it. 

After all, can’t you have a budget friendly Halloween and still have tons of fun? Part of the fun is making your costumes and spending time together.

It’s a great way to spend quality time with your kids, making costumes with the exact colors and fabrics they want, while making memories at the same time. 

4- Candy sales

budget Halloween fun

Since this is a budget and frugal living blog, I’m always excited to share ways to make anything budget friendly so you can still save money.

So, I’m sharing some of the best ways I’ve been able to save on Halloween candy through years of trial and error.

Because Halloween isn’t the same without yummy candy for the kids…and adults, right?

Candy often goes on sale a few weeks before Halloween, so start keeping an eye out for deals. In the meantime, start gathering coupons that you can use on your favorite candy brands. 

You’ll find great value coupons in the newspaper and online through sites like coupons.com and manufacturer sites like P&G brands as well. 

If you don’t like clipping coupons or didn’t have a chance to get any, Costco is a great option if you have the membership.

If your neighborhood is lively during Halloween and you’ll need a lot of candy, then perhaps buying in bulk is the way to go and you’ll be able to save money in the process.  

You’ll also find great deals at drugstores and even Dollar Tree.

Here’s a budget friendly tip for leftover Halloween candy- freeze it. Candy stores really well. You might find it turn a bit white as you leave it in the freezer (it’s oxidation not frostbite), but it’s still totally okay and delicious to eat. 

We always have leftover candy and I’ve done this every year. The kids love having an occasional treat for months after Halloween. 

budget Halloween fun

5- Having a budget friendly Halloween potluck party instead of “trick-or-treating”

Trick-or-treating is fun, but what if you could gather all of your child’s friends and have a small potluck Halloween party?

The kids have fun hanging out with their friends without having to go door to door all night in search for candy. 

You can create small goodie bags with candy for each attending child so they don’t feel like they’re missing out. 

To get parents involved in the potluck party, simply create a google doc and invite other parents to participate. Each family brings a dish that can be enjoyed together . And you can DIY the party decor by using Dollar Tree craft and paper items. 

Bonus tip! Join the community for budget friendly (and often FREE) festivities

Our church always has a wonderful Halloween event that they call “All Saints Day”. Kids can still dress up and it’s free to attend. All we do is donate a couple of bags of candy. 

So, for the price of 2 bags of candy, about $8-$10, we have an awesome time with friends and family. The kids have a lot of fun. They go on rides and games, win prizes, and eat a lot yummy treats. And I get to relax and unwind with friends over coffee. 

It fun, safe, and budget friendly!

It’s about Fun and Family

At the end of the day, Halloween is an occasion for fun times with friends and family. It’s a time for the kiddos to hang out with friends and check out all the cool costumes. 

I hope you find these tips helpful so you save money and enjoy the holiday. Because the best things in life don’t have to break the bank.

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