About Me

Friend, let me tell you, as soon as money came in the picture, I was a fish out of water. I never learned personal finance in school and being a child of immigrant parents meant that financial awareness was lacking.

I was in and out of debt throughout my 20’s, but it got progressively worse as time went on. 

In 2012, I was in over my head, living paycheck to paycheck and feeling stuck. I had no budget, never tracked my spending, and never saved a penny.

My finances were a mess and it amplified my stress level. As time went on, it only got worse. My husband and I found ourselves in $105,878.64 of high-interest debt.

At that very moment, as I felt my chest tighten with fear and anxiety, it was the wake up call I needed.

It was time to change.

So, I started researching personal finance, from reading blogs and studying fundamental books on money, to attending finance forums and conferences. I learned how to use frugal tweaks to save money without depriving my family. 

Now that my husband and I are debt free and financially thriving, I’ve made it my mission to help women gain financial literacy, so they can side step all of my mistakes and thrive with their money.

I keep it simple, breaking down intimidating money topics into small actionable steps that are straightforward and easy to implement.